Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama/Notre Dame tweets part 3

Opening music, invocation given by graduating student valedictorian, my commentary follows as I listened to and watched live feed via Notre Dame website.

America the Beautiful music...God's grace is lost on most of Thee

RT @frbill The Holy Mother of God weeps, for her name is being sullied by the people of Notre Dame University"following the example of Notre Dame" student says @ invocation
not call Jesus Christ "our Lord" WHAT!???!?!?!

needs a kneeler and barf bag at the keyboard

of all the priests @ ceremony they picked a girl student graduating to give the invocation?

"to whom much is given, much will be expected" given as secular quote by valedictorian, not scriptural (parable of servant w/ talents)

"ND taught to think critically" that would be true, valedictorian (critical=situational ethics, opinions and feelings, not morals)

deeper consciences and lasting passions from time @ ND, valedictorian says

RT @americanpapist i almost want to excerpt lines from this speech and append how ironic after every phrase.

RT @americanpapist @ NewsCoaster all faculty in opposition standing in front of nd response podium.

RT @RONALDJWILLIAMS ND Warns TV Networks They Will Cut the Feed if They Cover Disruption of Obama SpeechSun » link to CATHOLIC EDITION

RT @americanpapist We can ... was waiting for that.

RT @americanpapist id love to open debate her. please? hard to debate invincible ignorance (i think right term)

--Now giving the other honorary doctorates

its personal now...Dr. Steven Beering of my beloved alma mater Purdue just also received honorary doctorate from ND
I WAS honored to receive my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Dr. Beering in 1997...ND has now hurt me personally

RT @CurtJester Of course the leaked texts were accurate. They were so bad and fawning it could only be true.Fr. Jenkins for Press Secre ...
RT @americanpapist "previewing obamas speech, lets hope he keeps his word about conscience clauses."
regretting I ate lunch

"hateful divisions between human beings" ND "mission" to help with says Fr. Jenkins

there is no appeal that "everyone" will accept

RT @americanpapist its not Country, God, Notre Dame, Fr. J.

Fr J quoting Pope Benedict is like Satan quoting Scripture to tempt Jesus

"serve the common good"???? Fr. J?? now invoking SOG Pope John Paul...

RT @americanpapist John Paul II and Benedict XVI are on the side of my decision - Fr. Jenkins claim.

i don't "deeply hold" any "convictions" Fr. Jenkins

"courtesy and respect" What about those for the off-campus protesters who want to discuss human life???

courtesy and respect for the elderly, priests, nuns, and Norma McCovey who was once known only as Roe and now is for LIFE!!!

"advance US merciful work to halt disease" but promote the slaughter of unborn in the US and abroad

Pre-Obama speech section ends, more tomorrow.

God bless, Lisa

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