Monday, May 18, 2009

Obama/Notre Dame tweets part 2

beginning about 12:35 Sunday

RT @chrishumphries Live bloging by @americanpapist of ND and Obama fiasco

RT @JillStanek Still here. A grad started crying and turned back.

RT @geerlingguy Notre Dame administration: who thought giving Obama an honorary degree was a good idea?

@geerlingguy their pocketbooks did, their greed for power did, just like with Judas

RT @JillStanek Just shot 8 min of straight video pro-lifers protesting for miles leading 2 ND entrance. Now w Monicas group prep 4 arrest

RT @happycatholic “One of the greatest problems of our time is that many are schooled but few are educated” - St Thomas More

RT @patrickmadrid Notre Dame Protests Go Round-the-Clock Ahead of Address » link to Nineteen Obama Protesters Arrested Saturday at University of Notre Dame - Presidential Politics | Political News -

RT @JillStanek ND 7:40a: Norma McCorvey wanted 2 b arrested yesterday police pushed her aside 4 frail old guy » link to Jill Stanek - Notre Dame update 5/17, 7:40a EST

RT @americanpapist Im following @johnnortonosv @contratorrentem @newscoaster @jillstanek for live, on-site reporting of ND commencement

RT @HumanitarianMom Its surprising how often, even in the name of freedom, many pple fear & oppose Catholics being simply good Catholics.

RT @JillStanek News crews must b done filming Normas arrest. Arriving. Ok arrests happening

RT @immac_rosaries ND will not be awarding the Laetare medal this year.See 4 yourself » link to Laetare Medal // Commencement // University of Notre Dame
(Mary Ann Glendon refused it)

RT @CurtJester Notre Dame has dispatched several people to Fr. Edward Sorins grave to hold him down and to keep him from spinning.

RT @CurtJester Can hardly wait for Notre Dames dialog with the President co open him up to being pro-life.Oh wait.

RT @colleenspiro RT @Catholic_Dan: Bishop DArcy prays with Notre Dame students before graduation ... » link to Bishop D�Arcy prays with Notre Dame students before graduation

RT @leahita ND ALUMNI CONFIRM $13.9 M IN WITHHELD DONATIONS » link to Replace Jenkins | ND Alum for Restoring the Catholic Tradition at Our Ladys University

RT @faultlineusa Should Notre Dame Lose “Catholic” Status?Take Poll: » link to Faultline USA: Should Notre Dame Lose “Catholic” Status?

RT @mommadona About a dozen have yellow tape on the top with little baby footprints-mortarboard update from notre dame

RT @faultlineusa Notre Dame has become a CINO Catholic Catholic In Name Only

RT @Breaking_News Abortion opponents arrested at Notre Dame(AP): AP - » link to Abortion opponents arrested at Notre Dame

end of part 2, part 3 is my commentary listening to live ND feed

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