Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama at Notre Dame related tweets part 5 Silent no more

Silent no more: witness and results on twitter so far.
After all the speech, I felt called to give my own personal witness on Twitter:

the time has come to say this: I am silent no more, I regret my abortion. I was not Catholic at the time Our Lady of Guadalupe converted me. from Power Twitter

Several of my twitter friends re-tweeted as I asked.
an example
RT @PatriceEgging @immac_rosaries God will use your witness to His Glory.

True, thanks for the RT and God bless you!

But where the Holy Spirit and the Culture of Life are present, so is the Culture of Death and its followers.

RT @Bakari45 @immac_rosaries Great, so dont have another abortion. And dont stand in the way of someone elses right to have one.

@Bakari45 is perfect illustration of what the Culture of Death thinks and how they treat those who defend the Culture of Life

@Bakari45 should read Margaret Sanger (founder of "Planned Parenthood") in her own words
@immac_rosaries Not sure what you're saying. What's your point?
Sanger was eugenicist saying the genetic makeup of the poor and minorities was inferior Pivot of Civilization, by Margaret Sanger, 1922 p 80

@immac_rosaries So Lisa, if a woman gets an abortion when it's made illegal, should she be tried for murder?
@Bakari45 the preamble of the US Constitution "endowed by Creator w/ innalienable right to LIFE

@immac_rosaries So Lisa, if a woman gets an abortion when it's made illegal, should she be tried for murder?

@Bakari45 abortion is murder no matter if a government declares it legal or not

A nation that allows women to kill their children is a nation without hope in itself or hope in God

Our "modern" US culture in the last 100 years has promoted and allowed the murder of innocent children here and in other countries

@immac_rosaries Also, please explain to me how u make women have in-wanted babies? How do u force them to do it against their will
if a child is unwanted by its mother, it still has the right to live, and I am adopted myself, by the way @Bakari45

@immac_rosaries So when women have an abortion, should they be tried for murder? Answer the ?
@Bakari45 no, because our current govmt has not made murder of the unborn illegal

@immac_rosaries And finally, Lisa, do u think we need fascist laws to make women have un-wanted babies?
@Bakari45 the "fascists" are those who want to pressure women into abortion because they don't tell women the truth re their BABIES

women can't make an informed decision because they are not told re fetal development and the lasting phys and mental damage (to themselves) from abortion

God has infinite Mercy to forgive and heal all involved in abortion if they ask and believe. God=forgiveness&life Satan=guilt&death

@Bakari45 if you are "lifetime" photog, then why not produce sonograms of pre-born babies 4 their mothers as well?
@immac_rosaries What?
@immac_rosaries I don't have the equipment to do that.

@immac_rosaries If yur god doesn't want abortions, he should not have created human beings to procreat. None of us ask to b born.

@immac_rosaries If u make abortion illegal, u have to enforce the law with more laws.

@spencerb those who hate God hate those who love, respect, and serve Him. Satan hates nothing more than God-fearing men and women. God bless

RT @Teresamerica For Pro-lifers there is no compromising on abortion issue. Abortion is MURDER!!!!! The most innocent human beings.

tell the truth about what abortion is, what it does to the child, what it does to the mother, how many are performed how they are performed.

RT @HumanitarianMom the pro-choice movement only advocates the availability of 1 choice, abortion, so pro-abortion is logical deduction

http://www.abortionbreastca... Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer(Lancet, 2/22/86 p.436)

Only respect for life can be the foundation and guarantee of the most precious and essential goods of society, such as democracy and peace.

RT @CurtJester Dialogue takes a commitment to truth by both sides.This is why true dialogue is often impossible.

more from Bakari "The only solution is to stamp out religion and its bigoted deity. #rejectprop8 In support of #rejectprop8, I will photograph any gay wedding in Sacramento for free. @doubleokevin Don't let your patriotism to this country turn u into a slave. Power anywhere should never go unquestioned"

But yet Bakari is a slave to the current government and against anything they consider a thought crime, even honoring fallen vets on Memorial Day!
Obama is clearly this man's messiah, not God!

You are welcome to see this on twitter for yourself or re-post in a blog.

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