Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama at Notre Dame pt 4

"Fr. Jenkins" and Mr. Obama before Obama's speech, twitter posts I wrote before, durring, and after speech.
(Obama is urging courtesy and respect among those who "dialogue" about abortion.)

"courtesy and respect" What about those for the off-campus protesters who want to discuss human life???

courtesy and respect for the elderly, priests, nuns, and Norma McCovey who was once known only as Roe and now is for LIFE!!!

"advance US merciful work to halt disease" but promote the slaughter of unborn in the US and abroad

Beginning of Obama's speech:

obama to Fr. J "you said what i wanted to say, much more eloquently"

How appropriate that Obama's speech is durring the hour of Divine Mercy here
heard protestors yelling now
RT @americanpapist crowd is booing the protestors, who are being taken out. this is getting messy.

RT @americanpapist that was a pre-planned solution to protestors. students were informed to begin cheering if there were shouters.

begin cheering if there were shouters. We were told the same before Sarah Palin spoke at Asheville

Obama "violent extremism" not a surprise, see my earlier tweets re culture of life

i am not "firm" in my "principles", Mr. Obama "Audacity" is right, "hope" is not true Catholic hope

RT @americanpapist fight for what we consider right ... without demonizing those who are just as sure on the other side
RT @americanpapist obamas point with this story: if i change my website language re: abortion people will vote for me

so the administration and Notre Dame arrest those who want to make their "principles" known and diologue with them

Believe what Obama pormises and has followed through with, not what he says and writes

RT @americanpapist obamas point: we need fair minded words. (but those who speak these fair minded words have been ignored.)

RWE (right-wing extremists) love ALL children, born and unborn!

RT @JillStanek Srs in Grotto received standing o. Got photo of Fr Corapi. Obama meanwhile repeating old pseudo-pro-lifey-choicy soundbites

RT @americanpapist "those who agree with and respect me ... are an exemplar of what notre dame is about." Obama says (sadly, how true.)

RT @GregWillits "lets meet on common ground" which means, abortion is not going away on my watch so lets find things that bug both of us.

Obama says he's impressed with faith that inspires good works....

the spiritual war is exacly what Obama said, a battle for the "hearts and minds". But admits that he doesn't feel anyone is infalliable

RT @patrickmadrid Listening with revulsion to The Speech, so replete with empty blandishments and diabolical sweetness (as was Fr. Jenkins)

invoking the "golden rule"...what about applying that to the current holocaust of the unborn, from conception to viability??

now invoking "civil rights" What about rights for Christians, the unborn, RWEs and Catholics now.

RT @americanpapist i re-iterate that ive never seen obama look less happy

RT @CatholicMeme Obamas speech is over, dozens of people in upper decks r leaving, some of whom have a cross/baby feet artwork on them.

RT @johnnortonosv ND: Great is truth. It will prevail. Thats the Laetare Medal inscription.

RT @TaylorRMarshall When Obama compares the prolife debate to civil rights movement, he casts prolifers as the modern racist bad guys

Next installment, how a woman who is silent no more about her abortion is treated on twitter by a harasser.

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